The Taste of a New Year at Chinar on the Island

Chinar on the Island has welcomed the new year of 2012 with a brand new scrumptious
menu; filled with all the pleasures of Russian fare and their customary sprinkling of
Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. This well-known restaurant on Staten Island has
all the makings of a perfect night out, especially now that there’s a host of interesting
new culinary pleasures to delight in and more soon to come; such as a range of no less
than 100 different teas to savor and enjoy.

Igor Khanuk, Rufat Yusupov, and Solomon Berkovitch welcome you – as they have since
founding the restaurant in 2004 – to experience the taste sensations of their traditional
Russian cuisine. Chinar on the Island is a fabulous reason to do something different
on the weekend or any day during the week. This idea is particularly enticing with the
addition of the Chinar on the Island’s “family style” menu offering.

With the family style menu, everything is served in larger portions instead of individual
servings, so the entire family can sit down and enjoy the feast of flavors together.
Guests can look forward to a range of salads including the Octopus-Avocado Salad
specialty; cold and hot appetizers such as Red Caviar with Russian Crepes; main courses
such as Whole Baked Duck stuffed with “Lady-Baby” Apples or Grilled Chilean Sea-Bass,
Grilled Lamb Chops, Fillet-Mignon, and much more… If that sounds like a full stomach
to you, then it’s highly advisable that you save space for dessert, especially with the
Fried Cheesecake Platter on offer. In addition to that, guests are able to partake in the
especially captivating Flambé Station; a dazzling show of skill that will wow the taste
buds as much as it does the eyes.

With a range of beverages to wash it all down with, including unlimited juices, red and
white wines (from Chile, France and California) and sparkling wine, as well as a live band
to entertain you all night long; there really is no other place you should be planning to
visit this weekend!

Chinar on the Island is generally open from 11am until 11pm, although the weekends
usually see closing time stretching out a lot later than that. This divine restaurant can be
found at the following address:
283 Sand Lane
Staten Island
NY 10305

You can make a booking by contacting the restaurant by any of the following means:
Toll-free: 1 (888) (3-CHINAR) (324-4627)
Phone: (718) 390-5305

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