Discovering an Island Paradise for the Palate in New York

A culinary adventure awaits those visiting this Staten Island restaurant offering the
perfect combination of atmosphere, appetizing delicacies from around the world and
evening entertainment.

Serious foodies and everyday diners seeking a fun and flavourful culinary experience have a
delicious new destination to enjoy.

New York may be famous for its pizza and fashionable high end eateries but those seeking
something truly different that brings together delectable dishes, a relaxed ambiance and
entertainment will absolutely love this highly praised Staten Island restaurant.
Chinar on the Island has been gathering rave reviews from diners who have visited from all
over the globe. Offering an exotic blend of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Russian cuisine
in a fabulous courtyard setting even those with the most discerning palates should anticipate a
delightful experience they will never forget.

A peek into the kitchen finds skilled chef Svetlana using only the freshest ingredients to prepare
a wide range of dishes for an eclectic menu on which everyone will find something new to let
their taste buds fall in love with. Chinar may be most famous for its variety of pilafs, Shishkebabs
and delicately grilled fish but there is far more awaiting to transport the mouths of
diners into new cultures they have never tasted before. Chilean Sea-Bass kebabs, fresh lobster
salads, Doushpara, Lamb Soyutma and Quail Ovrishta as well as homemade Russian desserts
all call out to be tasted. Appetizers range from between $5 to $20, with main courses averaging
around $20 making it affordable enough for everyone and enabling guests to try out a great
selection of different flavours.

Chinar on the Island offers plenty of entertainment too with live music fueling the dance floor
until late on the weekends and belly dancing shows on Saturday nights. Wines and a full liquor
bar await for those seeking to wash away the stress of the day or end a romantic evening with
a night cap, though neat vodka is definitely the way to go for those who want to complete their
meals the right way.

Banquet facilities at Chinar on the Island range from small private function rooms for 12 to
reserving the main dinning room, complete with fountain for weddings and other special

A trip to Chinar on the Island is a must for any local residents who haven’t been yet as well
as international travellers. It is more than just another spectacular Russian restaurant, it is an
experience that will definitely create lasting memories. In fact the only bad thing about treating
someone out to a heavenly lunch or dinner here is that they are going to demand you bring
them back every time they come into town, though you probably won’t mind a bit.
Hungry yet? Discover Chinar on the Island at 283 Sand Lane, Staten Island, NY, reach the
restaurant by phone directly on 718-390-5305 or look them up on the web for more info at

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