Banquette $110

Friday $100 | Saturday $110.00 | Sunday $100

(Tax & service charge is not included.)

Kids below 2 y.o. – No Charge | 2-9 y.o. – Half Price | Above 9 y.o. – Full Price

Cold Appetizers:

Hot Smoked Sturgeon;

Our Delicious Home Made Lox;

Filet Mignon;

Grilled Tuna;

Spicy Kani Roll;

Octopus Salad;

Shrimp Cocktail;

Chief Duck Salad;

Chicken Pate With Raspberry Sauce and Crostini;

Avocado Mango Salad with Baby Arugula;

Grilled Vegetables;

Pickled Vegetables;

Hot Appetizers and Main Dish:

Potato with Mushroom;

Chicken Julienne (wrapped in blintzes);

Seafood Platter (Teriyaki Shrimp and New Zealand Mussles with Blue Cheese Sauce Serve with Pasta);

Baked Grouper with Miso Sauce;

Roasted Duck with Glazed Caramel Apples;

Pan-Fried Veal Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce;

Char Grilled Rack of Lamb and Assorted Kebabs;


Mixed Fruit Platter;

Fried Cheesecake with Ice-Cream;



Soda & Juice (Unlimited);

Regular Tea & Coffee (Unlimited);