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The Only Restaurant Where You can Still Smuggle in Your Own Drink

Finally a restaurant which tantalizes the taste buds with exotic cuisine and where you won’t be thrown out for smuggling in your own bottle of vodka. For those looking for a unique dinning experience with no end of enticing new dishes to try and where you don’t have to settle for anything less than your… read more

Chinar on the Island; Different yet Divine

Escaping the hustle and bustle of New York City has never been this scrumptious. Since 2004, Chinar on the Island has been building up a repertoire of consistency for fresh, fragrant and deliciously different dining. Founded by the current three owners; Igor Khanuk, Rufat Yusupov, and Solomon Berkovitch, Chinar on the Island has built up… read more

Staten Island’s New Destination for Dinner and a Show

New York diners find a tantalizing treat for all the senses at this island restaurant serving up exotic culinary specialities and a weekly belly dancing show. New York may be home many of the world’s great restaurants but finding the perfect combination of fantastic food and an ambiance that really allows diners to relax for… read more

Staten Island’s Best Kept Secret

Just 30 minutes from City lies a culinary secret too good to keep under wraps. Chinar on the Island infuses the flavors of Russian cuisine with the best of the Mediterranean and a sprinkling of the Middle East. This cosmopolitan menu not only reeks of mouth watering delicacies and delights, but also provides a broad… read more